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Our office with some memories of exhibitions in all leagues, even the world

All it began in year 1974 with KLAUS (from Gildo Vom Gigantenhaus) of property of the undersigned, Roberto Marchi, and of my moglie Emanuela Rossi and a beautiful female of name KIRA, anch' young it, of property of Roberto Spacone, then investigator of the National Park Of Abruzzi, which transmitted to me from endured an immense passion and interest for the etologia. Nacque therefore a plan for the realization of a school of training for dogs from guard, usefullness, flock, defense etc the immediate positive replies you, were absolutely encouraging and the will to create a valid structure, was not that the consequenziale choice. The training school, concurred us to immediately find the importance of the study on the animal behavior, than protrarrà for approximately 10 years. It was wonderful to state how much was easy “to train a dog” speaking “the same language”; using the same “codes”, the communication very was recepita and supplied of the adequate and useful answers to the prosieguo of the job.
Once, I found myself in Switzerland and just in the garden of Nyon, where I met one mrs. with shepherdesses Belgian, to which it gave of the orders, obviously in French language.
I stopped myself made curious and, listening to and following with attention the spontaneous sitting of training, I wondered: - But like ago, this poor dog to understand that that its “landlady” is asking to it! And about continuation I thought: but then, when I speak in Italian-to my dogs to it, it is not for they the same thing! We think ourselves more intelligent, and sure it we are, but then, because we do not strain to speak their language rather than to expect the contrary! Today it is sure easier than then (1969-70) to be comprised and to express these concepts, but I assure to You that in that time be-in this I do not live-very easy to find other persons with which to exchange interesting experiences and opinions.
It was a 1979, when Roberto Spacone and I, enrolled to a course for students judges, organized from the S.A.S Section of Udine, where they participated in quality of teacher cinologo Grande and President of SAS Centers them DR. Walter Gorrieri, the Sig. Verzegnassi, in charge of the Field the Training Sig. Waldammer and many other illustrious Docenti and Discenti and during several the Course, often the participants asked because of sure behaviors and/or reactions of Their Subjects to she determines external stimuli to you, and then the Sig. Verzegnassi, called in dance the Spacone young person for the relative explanations of etologico character, therefore like Mr. Waldammer, saying:
We feel “the scientist” (Roberto Spacone), that he had always the answer and the ready scientific explanation, citing Lorenz, Pavlov, Zimmen beyond bringing back precious personal experiences, fruit of studies and enormous sacrifices supported for the mere interest of the scientific Search.
It was in fact in those years that we developed studies on the inselvatichiti dogs of the Italy Center, beyond to relative studies you to the zoonosi, like the idatidosi in the Frosinate etc But one of i topics that was more to heart, was sure that one of the German or similar hybrids of Lupo (canis lupus italicus or lupo Appennine) and shepherds, than then riaccoppiavano with the Lupi, creating itself therefore of the conditions of danger for the species, fruit of million years of natural selection, and the consequent necessity to study in deepened way psychical the anatomical characteristics oltrechè, in order protect the same species from possible “pollution”.
We took therefore in consideration the possibility to stilare, so to speak, one standard of the Lupo, just in order to avoid possible “confusions”, as mentioned above evidenced. Since the first reliefs and considerations, clearly emerged of the enormous differences between “the trottatore for excellence” and our shepherdesses German, whose origin comes made to go back to a crossing that could not prescind from the lupo.

The first ascertainments, were reported to the lengths of the bony beams and their relationships, with particular reference to the length of the forearm, the rump, the front and posterior angles-shot, than they effectively made us to replace in argument little all of what we thought to have learned until then. In particolar way we referred to the Auslese and excellent of those times and we compared them to the structures of the king of the trottatori: the accounts did not return!!!! After many reflections we stated that, while the standard of the shepherdesses German, for many aspects seems to be the transfer on the paper of the structure of the lupo appeninico, the “winning structures” of the Champions of the rings, were very various!!? … because!!
Because the standard describes a front angle practically as it has the lupo Appennine, and the Champions, that “they travelled” in the rings they were much less angled in the front one, even if had of the just and not excessive posterior angles-shot! Why the Lupo introduced a long and very slanted omero, therefore like one long rump and not escaping?
Why, in the lengthened trot, the Lupo carried the forearm on the contrary parallel to the land, as an example, of the sons of Johnny Rheinhalle, that they had I lengthen truly modest, Where was the trick? How they could gain the Exposures?
The first reason is sure riferibile to so-called the third leg, alias the leash, than maneuvered from expert presentatori, succeeded to sure hide the effects denied you of a “mistaken construction”, but and little important it was the second not constituted from the fact that an ideal anatomy, selected from the nature for a appeninico territory, came, in the event of the shepherdesses German,” verified, analyzed and estimated in a “typical habitat” of one structure which that one of the Siberian Lupo: the stage!!!: the plain ..... the Steppe!!!
Here because the accounts did not return to us and for sure backs still today we find ourselves of forehead to this great contradiction.
But this is only one of the many aspects of that wonderful world that is the breeding for the selection of this magnificent race.
It accompanies you from these considerations, we tried to use the stalloni, than they could to us, is for the phenotype that for the genotype, to offer the premises in order always to improve our Subjects,” to the aim to draw of the satisfactions to agonistico level also.
In the 1985 Spacone, for job and study reasons, it is forced to leave this sport activity that the undersigned will carry ahead, with the moglie, with the affisso” OF MONTE POLIZIANO”, (until then was raised with the affisso” OF the POLIZIANO”). One has raised always with love, always assisting to all the deliveries, helping the mother, helping it for all the necessities, having cure of the cuccioli and the atmosphere (temperature, humidity, hygiene, etc etc)
We put of the signs of acknowledgment to the cuccioli in order to estimate the biotono, we followed them with particular interest in the phase of imprinting and the socialization, supplying they of the useful stimuli for the future, for their life, in order then to continue to the seguimento of the sport career, to the athletic preparation, the training. We had to work so much in order to make forehead to enormous expenses for the exposures (travels, lodges, registrations etc) we travelled abroad in all Italy and, but the happiness that tried in winning those blessed goblets, was truly a lot and sure it satisfied us of the made sacrifices.
A wonderful world, where many friends meet themselves always and all with justice proud of the Subjects raise to you.
I have always tried joy and admiration when someone showed me some cucciolo promising indeed, esuberante, full of type: this is the true, great satisfaction of we breeders, to prescind, sometimes, also from the classifiche, not always condivisibili, dictated from some Judges.

I will now try to make one carrellata memory, even if this last one is not sure my positive peculiarity, for which I make excuses myself is for eventual inaccuracies, omissions and correctness of the names. Perhaps the first Subject with characteristics of Stallone, with great character, distinction, mascolinità, vigilance, emergency, attitude insomma from true capobranco, was ULAK OF the ROVERELLA, a son of Harras von haus Helma, son of Tom von haus Solms (both champions of the world). With he we have made various cucciolate and me memory that in every cucciolata two black cuccioli were born completely. Then we used an other stallone, son of Mutz von der Pelztierfarm and Samba di Lukewarm Val of (How much v.d. Wienerau) that DOR OF VAL OF the LUKEWARM one was called, therefore like a daughter of Mutz, UTE OF SOMBRENO and then still ULLA VON DER RHEINHALLE, daughter of Johnny v.der Rheinhalle, with which we raised of the optimal subjects been born from the connection with Crill of the High Oak: CRILL OF the POLIZIANO, CHIRA OF POLIZIANO, JOHNNY OF the POLIZIANO, NEGUS OF the POLIZIANO etc
Then we bought, from the great breeders Hunchback Danzio and Rina, KRINA Of the HIGH OAK, daughter of How much von der Wienerau and Doris von Gigantenhaus, on council of the getlteman Reggiani and Solmi, than always we met with their “Varenne” that called Mareb of the High Oak.
Also with Krina we had of the optimal cuccioli of which I have a good memory of ETZEL OF MONTE POLIZIANO, Former son of von der Goritzenquelle and with DOR OF VAL OF the LUKEWARM nacquero DORIS AND DAPHNE OF the POLIZIANO, a beautiful brace of females with which we made many exposures with optimal turns out to you: Krina I many times over carried Colony in order to couple it with Argus von Aducht, but unfortunately I did not have the joy of having one cucciolata from this champion. However we had created a “material”, as it is said in jargon, of indeed interesting subjects and representatives of the best lines than blood than that moment, sons of Caesar von Armius, Song von Arminius, Axel von Hainsterbach, Zorro von Haus Beck, Reza von Haus Beck, Lasso di Val Sole, but that they were nearly all demolishes to you from that new, cursed plague that went all over the world diffusing with the name of parvovirosi (infectious gastroenteritis from Parvovirus), than many tears has made to pour to Private Breeders and, especially in the first years of spread;
today, in virtue of the effective and systematic vaccinazioni, this disease nearly seems passing definitively.
We acquired other fattrici, like Dunja v.d. Teufelskanzel, daughter of Nick v.d. Wienerau, but true carried out the qualitative one in the breeding happened with the purchase of one cucciola of name GISA VON DER TEUFELSKANZEL, daughter of kanto von koenigstrassle and Aces von der Teufelskanzel. A truly wonderful subject for the type, webbing of hair, colors, angles, femminilità, the liveliest character. Before the important experience with this subject, was to the championship of the world to Frankfurt in 1983, where I introduced myself unprovided of the official attestation of “To” on the pedigree that were still in course and, in spite of the testimony of our President S.A.S Silvio Tondelli, that it had, behind my explicit demand, consulted by telephone the Dr. Pareschi, approximately the outcome of the official assessment of the dysplasia and reported then to the German Judge, which made me however to leave to the last place of the last group: it dictates certification was obligatory! But a subject that was distinguished therefore could not remain in that position and, perhaps giving credit to how much subsequently dichiaratogli previously approximately “To” on the pedigree, the Judge, began makes me to earn places and therefore very soon I found again myself in head to 3° the group, then in front of the 2°, until concluding to 36° the place of 1° the group with various hours of contest on the shoulders is for the poor Gisa, than for me! To the end the judge asserted that if had been in rule with documents, it would be sure re-entry in the first ten. That was for me from a part a reason of anger in my comparisons, for being the solo in charge of happened how much, from the other an immense gratification for the appreciations, the photos, the demands for sale of German, Japanese, Italian Breeders, than they truly filled up me of joy. The irony of the fate: when I returned to house, Sunday evening, I found the pedigree originates them, with a lot of “To” had arrived for mail the Saturday morning! Gisa various had cucciolate and many beautiful sons: TARAK, TORRO, TANNIE OF MONTE POLIZIANO, been born from the connection with Torro von Arakjo, WERA, WIOLA, WONNI, WATZ, been born from the connection with Gundo vom Trienzbachtal, a connection this that concurred me to not only join dueimportantissime blood lines, but also to join two my great friends and Breeders: Leopold Bucher (Von Trienzbachtal), that I think with to Hermann Glutting (Von Koenigsbruck) the best breeder than German shepherds of past (H. Glutting has often raised under others posted up) and Harald Bolz simpaticone the breeder “Von der Teufelskanzel”, let alone “angel caretaker” of the greatest razzatore Lasso di Val Sole (How much v.d. Wienerau x Sara Sonnenberg). Meantime the breeding acquires, with to Giancarlo Petreni, an other classified young person stallone 10° in Germany in class young: ZORRO ZUM GIGELSFELSEN and imports moreover one greatest female: EXTREMITY VOM TRIENZBACHTAL, that it will become Auslese and that will give a Auslese daughter from the name Kina vom Trienbachtal, which will give birth the two times world-wide champion Inka Von Eichewaldhutte (Gundo Trienzbachtal) From ZORRO and GISA will be born one exceptional fattrice: FENA OF MONTE POLIZIANO (Fine) Therefore outlined the two more important lines than blood for the breeding: that one of Gisa, through Fena and that one of Extremity, through ANSCHI OF MONTE POLIZIANO. I introduced Aschi to the Italian championship SAS, was called to 2° the place and, to the last turn of the contest, lost one position, because of the lacked training: it had not never competed!
It demonstrated sure of having of the stoffa! beyond to much tipicità. Its and my misfortune, was that one to have entrusted it to a sedicente trainer/coach, than Instead it it held with several motivations very many time, losing therefore the best agonistiche occasions. A beautiful day, tired with protrarsi of this situation, determined of fargli taking to the licences and the selection, without ulterior indugi. I felt myself in guilt with she and a day I said to them: Anschi merits of being capacity to a world-wide championship, indeed, we will go ourselves endured! And therefore, as I was usual to make, without training and without that it could call it during the contest, I introduced the female in the ring of the attacks and went very well, in spite of more it had not tried the attacks, then it was the time of the test in motion and was called from then in charge of the world-wide breeding, the Dr. Beck, in 1° the group (that one of the best ones) to 42° the place, but dates the evidenced conditions over, could not not lose some places, but you will end however with a beautiful result: 53 Excellent and above all the only female of Italian breeding to achieve the maximum qualification to the Siegerschau of 1990. The official acknowledgment did not lack the national S.A.S, than it made it appeal to me very, but above all I did not feel more in guilt with Aschi, and could finally think next to some interesting connection and, after several examinations of the riproduttori available, I opted for one sure singular choice: I wanted to strengthen my Trienzbachtal line and was therefore that the choice fell on one of the beautifulr dogs that are never exist themselves: the vice sieger Jack vom Trienzbachtal (Gundo von Trienzbactal). A fantastic result, a beautiful one cucciolata that it concurred me to pull on a beautiful female to me, as wished, with great colors, webbing of hair, character, such from makes me to think endured to have, so to speak, improved the mother! Its name: JOGA OF MONTE POLIZIANO.
Joga was introduced various times in Germany and always obtained, with various Judges, tip positions absolutely: 2° to Mannheim with Schweichert, 4° to Usingen with Scheld, 1° to Senden with Mayer, 3° ladeszuchtschau Karlsruhe with Beck, 2° to Heddesheim with Schweichert, 2° to Kulsheim with Knabe.
Memory with appeals to that when obtained the title it of PROMISE S.A.S to the Italian Championship the world-wide President was present Dr.: Hermann Martin and approaching Konrad Sigmund, than was introducing it, the churches who was and Konrad answered: one daughter of Jack and He: one of the best subjects that I have seen this year. Many were the demands for sale, above all of German Breeders, tempting proposals also of co-ownership, but from good stubborn, I did not accept: I could not be deprived of that line of blood, for me was too much important.
On the other depositor, line Gisa, Fena were coupled with a male whom it had hit to me, with to Pintus and Romualdo Prince, to the Siegerschau, when it obtained the title it of Young Sieger of the class: Gorby von Bad Boll and therefore to the return from a Gathering S.A.S of Pisa, with the fever to 38,5 I assisted all the Fena night that give birth cucciolata one wonderful, rendering happy he is me that the Dr. Pintus, adoptive father of Fena and future adoptive father of GIPSY OF MONTE POLIZIANO. Just for Gipsy the Dr. Gianguido Pintus, my greatest friend and collaborator, has employed much time for the agonistica preparation, than it concurred to us to every contest, to try of the greatest satisfactions….the true happiness, like that day of ferragosto, to the return from the Austrian Championship, we enjoyed the title it young Vice of the class, assigned from the Dr. Beck to us, with one remarkable competition. Memory that we found Harald to me Bolz, that churches to make it us to then see it in position and I and the Dr. Pintus with a sure pride, gliela showed in all its smagliante shape: it was just beautiful and Harald exclaimed: Wie Aces (is like Aces) and when they saw the Rieker spouses, breeders of Gorby, truly remained hit, nearly increduli that from one fattrice Italian had come outside a “Product” of that level.
, I cannot forget the contentezza mine and about Pintus in the road of the return: that beautiful ferragosto!!!
Then we enrolled GIPSY to the championship of world 1993 that kept itself to Dortmund. We hoped with Gianguido of being able to obtain a beautiful result, but as it is known or it can be imagined, the championship of the world is always a hard competition a lot, but above all, what often it is necessary, to make other exposures with the same judge, in order to concur of more better being able to be estimated and to have therefore a response of like that judge “it sees” the subject. We, unfortunately, had not made not even a contest in Germany with Gipsy and this rendered any possible result absolutely unforeseeable; the only hope, but also the great risk was that in that exposure the judge was Grande Walter Martin: the greatest judge than all the times! The prestigious breeding “Von der Wienerau”!
Therefore we left full of hopes and of worries, aware however that it was an obligatory step and strong of an athletic preparation that the Dr. Pintus had forged, day after day, with very 10 km the morning of shooting with the leash and 10 km. the evening with the bicycle in order to improve always more I lengthen it. Fortunately, the territory of training and residence of Gipsy and the other Subject ones cures you from Pintus, it is situated to 900 meters of height and the summery training came carry out to you on the road of the summit of Monte Amiata to a medium and ideal temperature that was gone around around to the 13 degrees (the maximum altitude is of approximately 1770 meters).
As soon as we arrived in the stage, me the Dr. came encounter Peter Messler, which me churches of the bitch and congratulò for the magnificent Subject and was itself for we the first encouragement and comfort.
Presentation from detention of bitch, was entrusted to Konrad, and seemed was gone well, but when it returned in order to give back Gipsy to us and the churches that judgment had given the Judge, said:
- It is piaciuta a lot, but it has said that he is too much large!! As he is too much large, I beat again! And Konrad: , Task that when Guido, has called it from the other part of the stage, she “has been impennata” for the attention, giving itself the senzazione of being indeed outside standard! Not, I said, second me, all the sons of Gorby, they are by now penalizes you for this aspect, even if, like in this case, the height of Gipsy is sure to the maximum, but within the standard!
It did not remain to us that to attend the day after: the call from detention for the test in motion.
Little pulled down for how much over, the evening we decided to take it with philosophy and to pass one beautiful evening to table with the friends and Italian judges, of which memory Aquilani, Bordignon, Capelli and Capetti. With they we spoke obviously also about this and the supper ended with a maxi-maxi frozen that the Doctors Pintus and Aquilani ate entirety after formulating a good auspice for the day.
We introduced ourselves for the groups of reproduction and, to a sure point, passed “in review” the Judge Walter Martin, which evidently was engaged in one “rivisitazione”? of the young females in all the groups and, when he arrived to we, he regarded the bitch well, that he was always in position, controlled the number, taken well the catalogue and, with the pen, cerchiò many times number 4227: GIPSY OF MONTE POLIZIANO! We took a blow to me! I do not know to describe to how much that gesture opened me the doors of the hope, than before I had indeed lost.
It reported all that Guido that it wanted that the circostanziassi moment for moment, for being able to give “a key of adapted reading”, but happened how much, was for we much meaningful one and we said:
little evil that has it review! Sure it will be shrewed that the bitch is not outside standard! We hope well! Sure we will leave enough ahead! Goodness knows!? The following day, on the contrary of our more optimistic expectations, we were calls you to 64° the place of 1° the group: it was not badly, but evidently those cerchietti made around the number, had not found reply on the practical plan, at least for the moment.
But once you leave yourself, the judge, it began “to arrange” classifies it and when it arrived to me, it made a sign me with the fingers: 3 places ahead! Then still 2, we went around other and when the look rested on Gipsy, various times moved me until arriving to 36° the place. Many we counted some, in a moment of pause, with Edoardo De Lottery that it encouraged to me outside from the ring and it said to me: - Force, force Marks that still it is not ended, by now not the lever the back eyes, you will see that you will go still ahead! And I, flattered, beat again: - They are sincerely content therefore. But, fortunately, Edoardo had reason and after an other turn, it made me to go others ahead 4 places, after which it called to me directly and I caught up it with Gipsy and the new place indicated me: it was the 13°!! I did not believe more to what she was happening, me always seemed more a dream and from then I did not succeed more to see neither tantomeno to feel the Dr. Pintus that Gipsy called, even if it went, went and went, with a power and will that only the hard job of Gianguido, could concur: sin that I had not trained also! my legs, I began not to feel them more, but I was happy, indeed, happiest that task I sprayed joy from all the pori! But still it was not ended! After some other turn recalls me to the center of the ring and “it accompanies me” to 4° the place, then regards to me and after a moment of hesitation, for 2° and 3° the place, it puts to me that is behind the Vanny Wienerau and to 3° the place. Incredible! I did not succeed to contain the joy, fed from the large one tifo of the friends and connect Italians and Germans. I do not know just as they made my legs to follow Gipsy to which I remained literally “attacked” in order not to fall in earth. Guido for its part was “burst”, little for a bronchitis shape that had hit it before the championship, but above all did not resist more the emotion and “it was lost heart” in one gradinata of the stage, crying from the commotion that had invested it. It was in order to finish the beautifulst adventure of our sport life, one incredible history, a true compensation to many, many years of sacrifices dedicates you to this wonderful race.
But still the contest was not ended that made income on the field the Dr. Peter Messler who in congratularsi once again, said to me: I had said to you that you had a great beautiful subject, compliments! Thanks, I answered. But at this point I was tired and confused and I did not see the hour of being able to taste the happened one to me with Pintus and our respective ones mogli, that they had always shared with we the beautiful and ugly moments, also and in particolar way of the life of Gipsy.
I felt myself proud also to have represented the Italian Breeding to high level, in a class where they give many years we did not obtain turns out to you appreciable, it turns out to you instead that they will come also in abundance in the years succeeded to you, reconfirming with force deserved 2° the place to world-wide level of the Italian Breeding. Then Gipsy competed to the Swiss Championship, where it obtained the Vice title it of the same class and to the Italian championship, where it obtained strange 3° a place, but like in soccer, therefore in rigs, the judge of contest is what “I command” and, as I have always made, I have always accepted, even if sometimes not shared, qualifications and classifiche, with the maximum respect is for the judges who for the concurrent others; sin that has not always been able to find also in the others the same formulation ethics and sportswoman.
In the successive spring, we went to make one prechampionship to Memmingen. Class adult females. Many Italians were present and someone said to me: the Gipsy is a lot in shape! And' beautifulst! But watched that it is not Gipsy! - I beat again. That one is JOGADELMONTEPOLIZIANO.
Beautiful succeeding for one prechampionship in class adult ones, with the judge Mayer: 4° excellent.
Some breeders, and also expert like Mrs. Pacenti, said to me: - You “” two places” have fregato, the bitch deserved senz' other 2° the place! (behind the auslese Karla Von Wiesenborn) But I said that I was much content of that result, but above all was enthusiastic of the Joga that did not have nothing to envy to the others and, in as far as type, it was just the maximum that I could wish.
, I felt myself just realized, in the measure in which I had obtained, to level of breeding, the type of dog from always wished me, is through the Gisa-Fena-Wera line, before and Gipsy after, is through the Extremity line.

On the depositor of the stalloni, I must remember ZARO V.D. TEUFELSKANZEL, a son of Laika di Val di Sole, full sister of Lasso, one stallone large with optimal head, substance, skeleton, character a lot balanced: a good giant! Then the new Breeding of the Prophets, beautiful thanks to a connection, created the bases for its smash hit futures. URAN VON KOENIGSBRUCK, a son of Caesar Von Arminius. An event a lot important for my breeding, was sure the purchase of QUINO VON ARMINIUS that I bought with my friend Raffaele Caponeri, owner of TARAK OF MONTE POLIZIANO. Quino was a subject of which cucciolata in the world of the shepherdesses comes thought the best one German most famous “Q - wurf Arminius”: When, Quino, Quindo, Queno, Quana, Quina, that they confirmed the greatest riproduttive dowries of their mother, most famous Palme von Wildsteiger Land, which, after to have give birth the world-wide champion Uran von Wildsteger Land, said the NATO them also to the world-wide champion When Von Arminius, than with to the siblings and sisters, opened the doors of one new was characterized from tantissimi subject all descendants from “Q” between which the great champion of the world and riproduttore Jeck von Noricum, that it concurred to improve the type, the angles, but above all the character, that it went weakening itself, like evinceva from the tests of attack that in that moment was looked at to it samples to you. Sure the great “intuition” of the President Hermann Martin, on upgrades them quality of the Palms, was absolutely determining for the great jump of quality that the entire world recorded thanks to the consanguinities on this great fattrice. Quino had the strongest and balanced character, possessed SChH 3, IPO 3, the FH, Sel of 1^ class to life, dysplasia “Normal”, beyond to one unusual, for the cucciolata one and the family, perfectly aligned correct dentizione and! Not only: it was perfectly in ransom.
After the purchase I came to acquaintance of one its greatest daughter of Rica name v.d. Reider Kreuz, than was adjudicated, for 1° the year in adults the title it of 3^ Auslese. From a daughter of Quino, nacquero subject of the bore of Ronny and Ratta von Arminius, from which it has had origin, with Jeck Noricum the champion of the world Visum Arminius. But it is well-known, than as a great dog in Italy imports itself, often come-makes itself in order to say neglected from all those breeders whom more importance to the owners of the several one perhaps gives stalloni, than to the stalloni same! And' for a shape of it only envies? Or there are often other logical dominant ones that they prescind from mere chosen technical in the exercise of the breeding and therefore of selection that every breeder would have to privilege?
Yes, unfortunately also in our atmosphere not always the meritocrazia it prevails!!
In order to guarantee the “survival” like association for the selection of the shepherdesses German, important ones are necessary two presupposed: the competence and the honesty of the judges, than some time, above all in the first aspect, it leaves something to wish, creating of the true ones and own frustrations are in the breeders who in the private ones, that they put to risk the serene one prosieguo of the sport activity, in the measure in which they are felt discriminates to you, not correctly estimated, in connection with the “competition”.
I think that there are wide spaces in order to improve themselves and to exceed this criticità that too much often the true sportswomen make badly all and get passionate you that with much love and sacrifices, she gives theirs, however positive, contribution to the “social Cause”: the breeding and the improvement of the race.
During the last few years tax was pian flat but progressively and diffused beautifulr, pleasant a type of shepherdesses German, also for the expert ones and does not get passionate to you. This type very was represented from the group Wildsteiger Land, than for many years it has gained the trophy like 1° group of breeding, with in head the 5 times Auslese CASH VOM WILDSTEIGER LAND.
The only case to the world, in which a subject he becomes champion very in order 5 consecutive years, conquering also 2 tito them of Sieger. (history of CASH VOM WILDSTEIGERLAND from the Home Page of situated) the Cash is looked at truly represents a hymn to the correct and solid construction, the garrese very found, that it it has always concurred to move in exemplary way for all the trottatori also to 10 years of age.
Characteristics these that we find again confirmed in the descendancys, with particular reference to the females. Who has known to work well with this line “has pulled outside” vice Siegerin like Holly von Fichtenslag, continuing then with the daughter, in order to repeat the prestigious result. Yes, much subject indeed interesting for the “chassis” and not little important, for “the brain”.
Of CASH, we have a great beautiful son: BRONKO VOM KODIAK, been born from the connection with one daughter of the Vice Sieger Karly Arminius: The fullest tipicità Wildsteiger Land! (you see Home Page moreover) we have some, females on the same line, than normally we couple with the other stallone APOLL VON DER BILDEICHE (line Jeck Noricum) and join therefore these two prestigious lines of blood, that we think fundamental for the said and known characteristics. Currently we are engages to you, like breeding, to the construction of one new structure, modern width and, in order to concur to us, in the first place, to hold in best of the ways our dogs, guaranteeing they one more and more dignitosa life, in a healthy atmosphere and hygienically adapted. We try moreover collaborating, for the agonistica preparation, since the engagements in the field of agriculture, with particular reference to the vine and the FARM HOLIDAYS is looked at engages to us very many and they do not concur us more than to be able itself to dedicate, as we would want, to the exposures, like once.


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